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Jinan zhuoda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in the manufacture of Beer production equipment for 20 years. The main production is a large industrial equipment, Brewing equipment, Processing Craft Breweries, Beer processing equipment for bars and Hotels, Brewing equipment for Teaching Laboratories, equipment for the preparation of beer and Wine making equipment for household Also participating in the project to update the equipment of Beer Brewing.
US and the Scientific Research Institutions at home and abroad, and the professionals have a profound basis for Cooperation, a group of Outstanding Talents, Scientific Research and production have been training and attracting. It Laid The Solid Foundation for the development of the company.
We always listen to the views of customers, we learn the ideas of customers and Customer needs. We also tried to find Inspiration and requirements as we communicate with clients.
Our Mission: to lead 'Made in China' be the World - known
Our Vision: to be the World Class Craft Beer Brewing equipment Supplier
Our Service Concept: Craft Beer enthusiasts to meet the Process Requirements, 'different flavors.

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