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How to participate in foreign exhibitions?

Process and precautions for attending foreign exhibitions

  • before the exhibition

1. Choice of the exhibition:

1) First determine the number and budget of participating in the exhibition each year, the target market division, and the arrangement of exhibitors. Generally speaking, attending a meeting, the per capita cost will be around 30,000 yuan, with at least two to three people participating in each foreign exhibition, accounting for at least two foreign exhibitions every year. The annual cost is about 100,000 yuan. In addition, considering how many orders to pick up, you can sell this part of the cost, otherwise the long-term participation will be invalid, and the boss may not support you to continue exhibiting.

2) List all industry exhibitions in detail, and then ask the peers which exhibitions are better and which are worse.

3) Through the list of exhibitors on the exhibition website, check which of the leading bosses in the same industry generally participate in the exhibition, and follow the instructions.

4) Generally speaking, there will be a list of exhibitions in the industry magazines, including some charging platforms, which will tell you which magazines or CDs they distribute will be distributed at which exhibitions, and you can choose from them. Trade websites will also have a list, but relatively comprehensive exhibitions, professional exhibitions, but only a few larger industries.

5) If you have energy, time, sufficient budget and personnel, you can also choose five or six different exhibitions a year to participate in the screening, and then filter from it (I am doing this for one of my peers, the annual participation fee is not one million) .

2. Prepare samples, product price lists, and PPTs or videos for product display in advance:

The product sample preparation must be completed 2 months before the exhibition, and the production of the price list should be completed so that the salesperson can be familiar with it.

Quick quotes on the spot can avoid the loss of quotation errors caused by time constraints. Producing a good product PPT or video presentation, it is very easy to attract customers to watch in the exhibition, bring popularity to the booth, and foreigners also have the habit of joining in the exhibition hall. The mindset of the merchant is that there must be business opportunities for people to watch.

3. Basic principles of booth layout:

· The far-sight effect is striking and impactful, and the close-up effect is comfortable and bright, and the overall effect is coordinated;

· The booth structure and picture sequence should take into account the flow density and flow direction;

· Lighting must be added to both standard and special displays;

· The height of exhibits and pictures should be in accordance with the height and perspective of the human body;

· The micro-detail structure of the exhibition area should be considered: exhibition stand, display stand, display wall, signage, logo, negotiation area, picture design, descriptive text.

4. Familiar with the exhibitor’s manual:

Read the Exhibitor Manual carefully and it is a guide to all aspects of the exhibition. The contents of these manuals are simple and easy to understand. They have everything you need to know about the exhibition, such as exhibition schedule, registration procedures, exhibitor information, exhibition descriptions, transportation services, housing information, advertising and promotion information.

For example, let us know that foreign counterparts are also coming to the exhibition, and can send people to their booths to obtain product information and intercept customers to obtain business cards.

5. Other:

1) Hand in passport and visa in advance. The passport must be handled by me. I will apply for the ID card account to go to the entry and exit administration department where the account is located. The visa can generally be handled by the exhibition company, but I also need to provide relevant materials. It is important to note that the US visa requires me to go to the interview in person.

2) Check the item list (as shown below)

3) Be sure to know the regulations of the country’s exit and entry customs in advance, what is not allowed to be brought in, and what is not allowed to be brought out (you need to fill in the customs declaration form and hand it over to the customs officers for inspection).

4) Whether the ticket is booked by yourself or the exhibitor can help you book it, you must verify your boarding time. If you are going abroad, it involves transfer, customs and baggage, etc. You must grasp the time and mistake. It is troublesome to board the plane.

5) Make your itinerary in advance. It is very compact when you go to the destination to exhibit and arrange. If you don’t have a detailed itinerary, your efficiency will be very low.

  • In the exhibition

1. Don’t mess around with promotional materials. Many exhibitors think that the promotional materials/samples should be sent as many as possible, and the business cards can be used as much as possible to develop customers. And eggs~

The pre-show preparation needs to train the salesman, be familiar with the product performance, be able to skillfully demonstrate the product operation to the customer, and learn to ask professional product questions, so that the customer feels that he is in contact with the expert and guides the customer into the negotiation table. Take photos with your customers and remember them so that you can remember your impressions in the later stages.

2. Go to other booths to visit customers, or go out to work, remember that the way back and forth is very important, because the general pavilions are very large, you can print maps on the website or keep the manuals provided by the exhibition, there will be detailed content.

3. Try to remember the customer’s name and appearance, and you can remember by organizing your business card and taking photos.

  • After the exhibition

1. Keep track of customers after the exhibition. Do you think that you can go back to the hotel to rest immediately after dismantling every day, or go out for a trip? It is very important to make notes on the day’s memoirs! Immediately after the end of the exhibition, according to the needs of the customers mentioned in the notes in the exhibition, priority is given to customers with obvious intentions. Visit the timetable, follow up on the phone and mail, and don’t let the customer track the drag for too long.

2. Do a summary of the experience. No exhibition will be the same. After each exhibition, take time to evaluate your performance as soon as possible so that you can continue to improve yourself.

The more you understand your performance at the show, the more you will be able to improve at the show and increase your order rate.

  • Save money and small tricks

1. Booth fee: generally between 2,000 and 3,000 US dollars. Most of the exhibition booths in the United States are bare ground. The booths are only separated by cloth, so the budget is also required to be built. Generally, one thousand to two are added. Thousand dollars. If Europe receives more than 2,000 euros, it will include basic facilities such as carpets, siding, reception, tables and chairs.

2. Airfare: If you can book one and a half months in advance, the fee can be at least one-third lower.

3. Hotel Fees: In the United States, if you choose a second Samsung hotel that is slightly far from the exhibition, it can be as low as 40 to 70 US dollars/night. You can reduce the traffic trouble by renting a car. The general vehicle rental is 60 USD/day. Two or three people can save a lot of money. If you book online in advance, you will have more offers.

4. Mobile phone fee: Generally, the budget is at least 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan for half a month. It is best to use local coin-operated telephones to save a lot of money.

5. Sample shipping fee: This piece can’t be saved. Many exhibitions specify the carrier to profit from it. It is recommended that the samples be packaged in small packages, sent to local friends by TNT, transported to the entrance of the exhibition hall, and then carried in one by one, saving more than two hundred dollars from the door to the booth.

6. Tables and chairs, carpets, posters, accessories, etc.: You can buy folding and portable styles in China. After removing the shipping costs, you can still save a lot of money.

7. Cost of eating: If you eat it yourself, it is usually 10 euros / 7 dollars per person per meal. It is best to choose a buffet, otherwise a 15% to 20% tip will be charged.

8. Transportation: In Germany, you can use the exhibitor card for free transportation, and you can rent a car in the United States or contact your local friends. In Paris, you can take advantage of the extensive subway system.