Fermentation Tank

Beer brewing equipment
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Structure composition of beer fermentation tank:

  1. This equipment is mainly composed of tanks, jacketed composition three big system, mixing system, setting up jacket or coil, gear, shaft sealing device, heat preservation, support, fermentation medium special sampling import and export, feeding valve and coolant temperature sensor interface, PH automatic control system, pressure sensor, air respirator, CIP interface and other components.
  2. Generally, the tank body is made of sUS304/SUS316L advanced stainless steel, the inner cylinder wall is mechanically polished or electrolytic mirror polished, the outer cylinder wall is insulated with 304 all-welded structure, and the outer surface is treated with mirror or matte finish. The external connection of the barrel body adopts the sanitary quick opening joint, which is safe and hygienic without dead Angle and conforms to the national GMP hygiene standard.
  3. The on-line control system of beer fermentation tank adopts color LCD touch screen +PLC automatic control, which can detect and control relevant parameters of fermentation process online. The control system includes sterilization interface, parameter setting and correction, data curve diagram, data report, fermentation batch number setting, online animation, alarm device, etc., which can connect the upper computer, computer and printer to realize remote monitoring, data storage and printing.
  4. In addition, it is equipped with temperature control device, temperature measurement hole, CIP automatically rotating spray washer, defoamer, baffle, air distributor, temperature sensor, optic mirror shooting lamp, liquid level meter and other equipment, which is convenient for manual operation and simple and reliable.